Cassandra Bankson’s CAMO CONFESSION With Dermablend | How I Use Makeup To Blend In To Stand Out

Cassandra Bankson’s CAMO CONFESSION With Dermablend | How I Use Makeup To Blend In To Stand Out | December 4 - 2019

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33 thoughts on “Cassandra Bankson’s CAMO CONFESSION With Dermablend | How I Use Makeup To Blend In To Stand Out”

  1. This should really be your most thumbes up’d video. I began to cry when you said that about your grandfather. You are such an inspiration for us all. The last sentence was really something. I’m working on getting confident with myself, and now you are getting me there faster. Thank you for all you do! Please do not stop.

  2. Oh my god Cassandra! The story with your grandpa is heartbreaking, but we all love you so much and you’re not the only one struggling with acne and insecurity as I’m sure you’re aware of xoxoxo

  3. This is beautiful! You made me tear up. I want to inspire everyone to be happy with who they are. This is why I make youtube videos. Changing one person outlook on their life makes my life complete. Your amazing! 

  4. This made me cry.  You have such a beautiful heart and happen to be equally beautiful outside.  Thanks for your inspiration and being so open.  ♥ Elle

  5. I’m so sorry that you had to hear such mean things! But I’m so glad to see you overcome and share your story. Way to rise above cassandra! You’re an inspiration to so many!!!! Love youuuu

  6. This video was so emotional, i feel your pain i suffer through the same thing acne problems. & i’m not confident with myself and sometimes i feel like hiding my face for no one to see, because if they do im scare that they will judge me & hurt me. Love you Cassandra

  7. She is absolutely stunning. A natural beauty. Sadly, there’s a lot of nasty people who take their low self esteem out on other people. They enjoy hurting the confident ones. Those people are the TRUE definition of ugly.

  8. I can’t believe that story about your grandpa. 🙁 Who would say that to a person with acne… It’s not their fault or choice. Gahhh. :L 

  9. I have an gentle acne, but I’m still really embarrest about it. You have my full respect, cause I don’t think that I would dare to do the thing you do. You’re beautiful and you are so brave. You’re an inspiration to me. Thank you for uploading this, and do what you do.

  10. I cant believe someone said it was a good thing her grandfather was dying and he’d never have to see her again!!! rudest thing I’ve ever heard!! Shes gorgeous!!

    1. I know right how rude have people gotten these days she is still beautiful the way she is and her grandfather must have had to love that he had a different beautiful girl like her

    2. +Paulina Ramírez It is beyond rude, it is simply cruel and malicious. Humanity seems to be becoming more violent and more aggressive with every passing day. Thank you media, marketing, advertisements and corporations! It is a simple and powerful plot to make people hate themselves and constantly reach for an unattainable dream of perfection, success and beauty. The boundaries between reality and the synthetic illusory world that surrounds us are blurred. We are living in hyperreality, a postmodern concept that has become our reality. So when people say cruel things like that, it is their way of subconsciously trying to elevate their own status and & so called beauty through psychological terror and acts of malice against others. It is a nasty and a false way one seeks to find and form their identity in this very confusing, belligerent world of propaganda that commands and directs us to think certain ways, look certain ways, and even think certain ways. We have become a synthetic humanity that is programmed through subconscious brainwashing much like a robotic or zombie like vessel with little control thanks to daily brainwashing techniques.

      So to those despicable and cruel beings out there, I quote Kevin Aucoin, a legendary makeup artist: No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart!

    3. Paulina Ramírez tears welded up instantly when I heard that… heartless 😭 I’m so glad she rose above all her troubles!

  11. with all that said all i could see was how beautiful her eye’s where and nothing else really mattered good for her.

    1. AW! That’s nice. 🙂 outward beauty is all lovely,but inner beauty always seems to override it! If you’re gorgeous and got the personality to go with its you’re made! Lol! X

  12. No, no, no, don’t cry, sweetheart, you’re breaking my heart and making me cry! I’m so sorry, I want to hold you and give you a big hug.

    1. And also, with you being a model, isn’t that the most awesome slap in the face to those haters who said negative things about your appearance? Best comeback ever, imo. Bravo, girl. Acne is something we can all relate to as fellow girls. It just depends on how severe it is, I guess. I remember being in school, I’d try hiding my breakouts behind my hair all day or hold my head down. 🙁 We shouldn’t be ashamed of something so natural, you know? You give me confidence. Bless your soul.

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