OMG! Dermablend Tattoo Cover Up Tutorial

OMG! Dermablend Tattoo Cover Up Tutorial | December 13 - 2019

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37 thoughts on “OMG! Dermablend Tattoo Cover Up Tutorial”

  1. Don’t drag the brush when you’re blending. Patting the brush all over will prevent you from having those streaks on your arm, and it would blend out much more smoothly.

    1. here’s several suggestions for lessening tattoos
      Ensure you eat enough fruit and vegetables.
      Take vitamin C
      Use herbs which cleanse the liver including burdock root
      Use herbs with infection fighting properties including myrrh and burdock and others including echinacea
      (I learned these and why they work from Chads Tattoo Tactic website )

  2. @lisamurphy lmfao! It does look like I have hairy palms! That’s hilarious! It’s actually where I brought the make up down and those are my hand creases which I have not blended. As mentioned in the video I’m not good at blending but have gotten much better with practice. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. was their anything done to the skin before starting the application,did you use a dabbing motion to apply the makeup, and what type of brush did you use to apply it all with?

  4. instead of brushing the brushing across your arm which moves and makes the layer underneath move around, try stippling or bouncing motions to cover and blend better

    1. Jolee Zanes Yep, Dermacol. I use it. It’s a heavy coverage foundation used for film, photography, acne, tattoos, etc.

    1. Ruth Nelson most people cover there tattooed because they DONT want a tattoo, there not gonna go and get another tattoo over it which would have to be even bigger to cover it that’s just dumb.

    2. Not necessarily. I have multiple tattoos that I’m trying to learn to cover for a job I’m wanting to get in the future and actually interviewing for tomorrow. I feel like most people would want to cover it for similar reasons…. a jobthat doesn’t allow tattoos, or maybe to hide from family or whatever… I’ve seen plenty of reasons within the comments of these tutorials I’ve seen, but no one mentioned not wanting the tattoo they’re trying to cover.

  5. This is gonna sound weird but I am so pumped up seeing this video. I am a male 2nd grade teacher who has a pretty massive tattoo on my forearm and I want to cover it. I wear a suit and tie Monday-Thursday but I wear casual jeans and a t shirt on Fridays. I am no makeup expert so please help… How do I match my skin tone? I need help with the basics. Also, How long does it stay on without the remover? Thank you so much. This was super helpful.

    1. shaun carvalho I’m glad you’re pumped seeing this video! Honestly, I had to mix colors and play with it to find the perfect color. Once putting the powder on even though it doesn’t look blended wet, it does when you put powder on it. You just have to make sure you blend the edges. I’m not a makeup artist what so ever and this was my first time playing around with this! It will last all day as long as it’s not rubbing against anything. You’re going to want to make sure you use a lot of powder to set it into place! I hope this is helpful!

    2. if you want to find the right color go to sephora/ulta and ask the make up artist to find the right color for your arm 🙂

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